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as our sister restaurant soho social started to grow, we quickly realized we needed more kitchen and storage space. after buying the connecting space around the corner, we ended up with a dining space that we didn't quite know what to do with. 

after asking around about what people wanted the space to become, we couldn't ignore the desire for a place that's a little more relaxed and peaceful than Social's upbeat and kid friendly environment. A place with delicious food for when you want to be a little more..."adult"

With that, Standard was born! a place where food is made with high quality ingredients and creativity that speaks for itself. a place where drinks are superb and thoughtfully crafted. 

standard is your neighborhood spot for a great glass of wine at happy hour, a rare bourbon after work, a bottle of wine and small plates with the girls, or just a great burger and a strong cab.

so, here we are homewood. constantly working at making a welcoming and delicious experience for you. come dine with us!

Our Team